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Liber Veneficii

The Book of Poisons

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“Well, it appears you’ve worn out your welcome…again.  What was supposed to be a week of rest and recuperation in this small border town has been abruptly cut short after last night’s ‘incident’ in the local tavern.The evening started off innocently enough—a hot bowl of wild boar stew followed by a few tankards of the local ale. That’s when a wandering Minstrel made an appearance. A round of drinks was bought, songs were sung, another round of drinks were called for…and that’s where things get, shall we say, fuzzy…”

So begins the tale of WishTaker, a system-neutral adventure for 4 to 6 players of 2nd through 4th level.  A mixture of overland and underground exploration, WishTaker introduces a new creature and a unique entity.

This is a completed module, 24 pages in length including an overland map, four encounter maps, and a cavern crawl. Written in a system-neutral style, WishTaker can be used with any Fantasy RPG system. Individual encounter locations and NPCs are fully described while the overall setting is left purposely vague, allowing the GM to integrate the adventure into their individual campaign setting with minimal effort. In order to maintain the greatest flexibility for individual use, creature statistics for various RPG systems will be available after the project has funded as a free pdf download from Second Thought Games. This allows GMs to print system specific stat blocks for creature encounters separately from the module for ease of reference.